A Universe is all of time, space, and matter. In which there are different types of universes out there in the Real Life universe


No. Name Name of Universe Description
1Earth 010The Main UniverseThe main universe and setting towards the real life franchise.
2Earth 101Future Real LifeA universe into the future. It is also the true home of the future son and daughter of baxter named Jordan and Trinity.
3Earth 235Life FellA universe that is widely recognize to be known as the Darkverse. It mostly has everyone's role swapped. Baxter Ewers now called Dark Ewers is the main antagonist in this universe after being heavily criticised and hated after trying to save lives of everyone.
4Earth 466Girls UniverseThis universe has all girls even the boys in the main verse have their gender swapped. The AU Baxter in this verse is named Baxette Ewers.