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Welcome to The Real Life Database,
a fan Wiki dedicated to Real Life by Baxter Ewers (writer).
Our goal is to create a reference for all official material related to this ongoing series. Anyone can edit, so any help in doing so is greatly appreciated!

Real Life News!
11/15/2016 The Real Life Database Launches.
7/7/2017 A New Ewers has been revealed in the family. She's also confirmed to appear in the Real Life Game.
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Dairy Queen (Earth 010)

Dairy Queen Earth 010

Dairy Queen (乳製品の女王 Nyūseihin no joō?) often abbreviated DQ, is a chain of soft serve ice cream and fast food restaurants owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. International Dairy Queen, Inc. also owns Orange Julius and Karmelkorn.

Baxter Ewers (Earth 010)

Baxter Ewers Earth 010

Baxter Ewers (バクスター・エワーズ Bakusutā ewāzu?) is the main titular central protagonist from Real Life. He is the original and central one and the most focused character throughout the series.

Real Life

Real Life Game cover art

Real Life (実際の生活) is the first installment of the Real Life video games and the third installment of the Fireball Video Game Universe. The Game will be the next-to-be developed after Super Baxter 2: Mahroe's Resurrection has officially wrapped development and released..

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August 2017 Poll
Favorite Upcoming Battle in the Real Life video game?

The poll was created at 00:02 on August 4, 2017, and so far 1 people voted.
August Calendar
August 8th, 2000 Recent-icon Saori Kokonose's Birthday.
August 25th, 1998 Recent-icon Alexis Adams's Birthday.
July Poll Results

By 1 (100.00% of) votes,
the leader of the July 2017 Poll,
for Favorite Upcoming Badies in Real Life, The Video Game., goes to
Sonikku Ewers.

Sonikku Ewers Earth 010

Sonikku Ewers is an Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain/Villain of Earth 010's Real Life.

Latest Releases

Real Life Game cover art
Real Life is coming as a Video Game soon this year! ...READ MORE.

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