Older Form


Older Neko Form

Furry Form

Goddess Form


Sadie has control on Pyrokinesis, with Normal Fire, Navy Blue Fire and Shadow Fire. However she cannot use any Fire Mode in her body.


  • Size Enhancement: Has the power to grow gigantic. She has unlimited size on how long she can grow up too.
  • Size Reduction: Like her boyfriend, she has the power to shrink down as well having Baxter's DNA.
  • Mugen No Reggukikku: Kicks forward alot in an infinite matter. It can damage the opponent's chest very critically if she kicks long enough.
  • Kauntopanchi: Punches rapidally on the opponent's body. She can do this on pressure points to certain opponent's weakspots.
  • Tengoku No Ashigeri: Leg kicks forward into the opponent's chest harder than the moon itself.
  • Shiri Totsugeki: Sadie throws the opponent into the air and jumps on the opponent's back of the head executing them buttocks first down on the ground.


  • Red Kyu: Sadie thrusts out a fireball that travels forward into the opponent's chest.
  • Spinning Flame Kick: Performs a Helicopter kick with her feet ablaze.
  • Inferno Uppercut: Uppercuts off the ground into the opponent's jawline and head cracking their skull.
  • Reggukikku: Smashes her leg down on the opponent's body with flames around her foot.
  • Hi Obu: Sadie short hops and floats with flame energy around her making a big orb around her sucking things in including opponents. After a while it explodes heavily damaging the opponent.