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Real Life (実生活 Jisseikatsu?) is an Video Game series created by Baxter Ewers and the main subject of this wikia project.


Real Life was first created in 2012 and continues to this day alongside other Fireball Studios projects.

Video Games

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Real Life

The Beginning of the Storyline in which both Baxter Ewers and Amber Ewers find their Mother knocked out and bloody and find a Symbol placed on her back which is giving her a illness as both Baxter and Amber must go out and fight against Francis Aslan in which he wasn't the true villain, the true villain was a Witch and Mage Hybrid who controlled him to whole time. This also is the first time to form the main Ewers Group.
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Real Life 2: The Crusaders

After several months from the Dark Dimmension dissapearing, Ballard Ewers III escapes Jail and is a wanted man to the Ewers as Baxter Ewers, Kiki Ewers, and Wanda Ewers all go out to go get him along with help from Fire Fox, Ladybug, Harley, Black Cat, Christian Rice, Melissa Welch and later on a gender bent alternate universe counterpart of Baxter Ewers who was at first corrupted by his father's work but reverted back to normal.


Characters are serialized under the ownership of Fireball Studios.

Most of the series is published in English at all times.