This must be a mistake! The only superpower I could possibly have is super-awkwardness...

—Marinette Ewers

Marinette Ewers (マリネット・エワーズ Mari netto ewāzu?) is a character in Real Life. She is the first of the 1996 Births from the Ewers Family and is Baxter Ewers' big sister. She is also a member of the Ewers Bloodline. She's also the sidekick of Fire Fox as Ladybug.


Current Appearance

Marinette is a woman of seemingly average height and slim to medium build. She has dark pig tailed hair with red ribbons on the back of her hair and wears Ladybug themed glasses.

She wears a long sleeved leather jacket that goes to her wrists area. She wears a white short sleeved shirt. She wears pink long leathered jeans that is tight around her legs, but she can fit in without a problem due to her medium built body, and has black boots that goes nearly to her knees but only to her shin.

Like all other Ewers, She has a Letter "E" Birthmark on the back of her right shoulder.


As Ladybug, she wears a skin-tight body suit. The Suit is Red with black pokadots and black designs around her body and gloves, theming the Ladybug.

Swimsuit (As Herself and Ladybug)


  • Her Namesake and appearance was based off Marinette Dupain Cheng from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
    • Her appearance is very similar to the Original Marinette by hair and everything, except she wears ladybug glasses and resembles a Ewers Family member.
  • She was an idea along with Vixen for the Bloodline by Amber.
  • She resembles abit of Tomoko Higashikata in art style.