No one will want me I was rapped at three years old

—Kiki Ewers, Struggling if someone will love her

Kiki Ewers (キキ・エワーズ Kiki ewāzu?) is a long lost sister of Baxter Ewers and is the one who was raped by Ballard Ewers III and forced his ex-wife to never speak of her, in which she was found by Baxter in the series and hasn't known about Other Family members who met her. She is also a few of the Ewers who have different colored eyes (in this case the brown-red colors).

Kiki also has a huge resemblance to her mother. She was also the main victim of the tragic event that happened in 1998 when she was only 3 years old.


Current Appearance

Kiki is a young, built woman of an average height.

She has brown long hair and wears red lipstick. She later has on eye makeup once she finally reunites with the Ewers. She has O cup sized breasts and wears a strapless bra underneath her attire. She wears a red choker around her throat and wears an Locket around her neck that has the letters K.E. on there, in which it keeps hidden her true abilities from coming out. She wears a long red dress and wears long Red Fishnet armbands that goes up to her shoulders. Underneath the dress she wears dark red panties and wears Red high heels that she is capable of staying balance on.

Like other Ewers, she has a Letter E located on the back of her right shoulder.

Casual Clothing



  • Kiki was an idea by Amber during a RP with Baxter.
    • She looked all Anime alike when she showed him a picture of her, but she was heavily changed and was made as an Inspiration to one of Baxter's other friends, Victoria.
  • Kiki was born with Steroid Syndrome, a rare condition to where the user has a rapid growth spurt in the muscles. She was cured at 12 months old.