SPOILER WARNING: Spoiler details may follow.

The Ewers Mansion (エワーズマンション Ewāzumanshon?) was a new residence at the end of the first Real Life game of the eponymous Ewers Family after Earth has been saved from the Dark Dimmension and Denise had the money enough from everyone in Virginia to buy themselves a Mansion after living around Rainbow Forest for a few years.


The Ewers Mansion is an Three-story building made out of bricks, resembling manors in the Manor house style. It is flanked by two lesser buildings of unknown use. The residence is surrounded by a brick wall.

The main entrance is led up to by parallel sets of stairs. The doors open to a great hall with a recognizable wood pattern tiling from which one set of stairs leads to the upper levels. The rooms include a dining room, a living room, a arcade room, a kitchen, a library and rooms for everyone in the house. It also contains few bathrooms as well.

Upstairs contains many bedrooms of the Ewers Bloodline in each separate room to sleep or stay in.

There is a backyard to where the garden is very beautiful and very glorious as it is kept neat and handy. Also the backyard is used for training purposes as well