The Earth 010 Group.

The Ewers Group is the name of each group from each universe of the Ewers Family Bloodline. Earth 235 technically counts as a group .The groups generally consist of one Ewers protagonist, their "sidekick", and various other allies all following similar plans of action (i.e defeating a Villain or protecting a Home Location).


Earth 010

The Original Ewers Group starts in 2017 with both Baxter Ewers and Amber Ewers witnessing their Denise Turner knocked out and bloody and infected by the Dark Dimmension which gets her very ill, as now both Baxter and Amber go out and gather their relatives (and Nicolas) in order to stop the forces of evil, including the Desi Aura created by Desi Delao.

In Real Life 2: The Crusaders Baxter, Wanda and Kiki return as the only members of the group and are joined by Melissa Welch, Vixen Ewers, Marinette Ewers, Harley Ewers, Adrien Mayrose, Christian Rice and Baxette Ewers.

Real Life
Ewers Group
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