The Ewers Birthmark (エワーズバースマーク Ewāzubāsumāku?) is a carve pointed letter "E" appearing in the region on the back of their right shoulder on all Ewers or individuals of or in certain ways connected to the Ewers bloodline.

Amber also received this birthmark after inhabiting the Ewers's Bloodline through her powers after Baxter transfered his blood into her wrist thus officially making her a family member of the Ewers. The same applies for Melissa and Lexi.

A few other Ewers members of the bloodline also contain this Birthmark, but were never shown such as Ballard the Second and Kim Ewers.

Other bloodline members related to the Ewers such as the Slade Family contain a Ewers Birthmark as well, except it's on the back of the left shoulder instead of the right.

The Birthmark also is an enemy sign to a few villains in the universe, such as Desi Delao and Francis Aslan. Must, however has less care about the Ewers Bloodline and only wants to torture Baxter himself only and no one else.

Also, the bloodline comes in different colors for example Baxter's Birthmark color is Red and Gunther's is Green, but mostly their main color is Blue / Light Blue.

Melanie Cole was gifted with the Ewers Birthmark after having the bloodline transfered into her after Amber had it in hers as well.

The Ewers Birthmark applies to all universes AUs of the Ewers Family.

Ewers Birthmarks
Ballard Ewers III
Denise Turner
Baxter Ewers
Gunther Ewers
Wanda Ewers
      /             /             /             /             /      
Melanie Cole
Melissa Welch
Amber Ewers
Lexi Adams
Trinity Ewers
      /             /             /             /             /       /      
Dylan Ewers
Jordan Ewers
Valentina Ewers
      /             /             /      

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