The Desi Aura is Evil Energy created by Desi Delao. He uses this energy to possess a host into attacking anything around him. It can effect any host to kill anything that stays good around them.


The Desi Aura will only last for 3 months in the hosts body. If a hero or someone who possess anything good in them can shorten down the Desi Aura a few times so that they can take out the Desi Aura out of the host. If the Desi Aura is complete in the body and hasn't been stopped, the host dies.

Baxter Ewers and a few others who posses the Good Aura are not effected by this aura.


The true weakness of the Desi Aura is Good Aura. The Good Aura can take out the Desi Aura in seconds in them that can save the host from death.

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