I'm not the only one who can just work all day, i trained my son to help us all!

—Denise Turner

Denise Turner (デニス・ターナー Denisu tānā?) is the mother of Baxter Ewers, Amber Ewers, Gunther Ewers, Wanda Ewers, Kiki Ewers and the other Bloodlines in Real Life. She also trained both Baxter and Gunther, while Amber was already trained from her home planet.

The Real reason why she gave birth to a total of 21 was because Ballard continuously kept raping her without her permission many times in a row, which she was trapped in "hell" with him for a long while and getting rid of many Ewers Family members (except for Baxter Ewers and Gunther Ewers). She tried to divorce him so many times, but Ballard threatened her life if she did divorce.

She managed to finally divorce in June of 2006 after she finally called the police on him which caused for his arrest.


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