Early Years

As an infant born by Denise and Ballard the III, Baxter had lived through a tragic past. He had mistakenly loved his father over his mother as he was constantly abused by his Father. Everyday his father tricks him into abuse, his mother tries to fight back for Baxter's Life as an Infant. Baxter was constantly spanked, thrown and kicked by his own Father.

Discovering his Powers

One day, Baxter was with his mother as she had told him the secret powers through the Ewers Birthmark that was located on the back of his right shoulder. She had told him because of his special needs, he had the powers of Fire and Blue and Red Ki Energy in which Baxter discovered them one day while training with her in-which he succeeded.

Childhood Years

At the age of 7, As in his School, Baxter still had very harsh past, people had constantly bullied him critically, he was rejected from sports and life didn't seem very well for him. Understandably traumatized by his father's abuse, Baxter coped by creating an imaginary friend to talk to. He could not understand that he had secretly had a few sisters that he was not aware of, Only having his brother Gunther. Also he had discovered a body that he would adopt and take home as his mother agreed to have her as a daughter as she also described that Baxter has a sister who was tragically abandoned by their own father who at the time was divorced finally after she filed a court date at him which it came out as they can visit their dad less and more of mom.

Tragic times in Middle School

As his years continue to go worse since he was suspended only twice in Middle School and his Father continued to abuse him after his parent's divorce after 7 Years later. Baxter would only have little-to-small friends around him in his middle school life, he's the only one to have only 8 friends.

Young Adult Years

As he hit his high school years, he began to fight back against his dad after he had trained on his own. His father was revealed to be working for the evil corporation known as Sun Transport. Baxter had gone after his father and fought back after all these years at him. It is speculated around age 18 that he will stop visiting his father finally.

Adult Life

Baxter was finally free from his Father after having to constantly go to his house for years from time to time as he continued his quest on defeating various villains and seek out to defeat Desi Delao for what he's attempting to do to the world by spreading out a deadly virus to mind controll and other villains who want world demolishment.

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