My Son was a fool, i made him fall into everything i've done, and now he's our enemy

—Ballard Ewers III

Ballard Ewers III (バラード・エワーズ3世 Barādo ewāzu 3-sei?) is an major antagonist of Earth 010 in the Real Life series. He is also the father of Baxter Ewers, Gunther Ewers, Amber Ewers, Wanda Ewers, and other Bloodliners and ex-husband of Denise Turner. He is also the true husband of Kim Ewers and Step-Father of Taylor Campbell.

He is also the leader of Sun Transport as he attempts to gather around a ton of human beings to work for him to ruin everyday lives. He was also charged of over 60 crimes for the rape of many women (mostly Denise Turner who treated her as a slave to him and raping Kiki and forced Denise to never tell anything about her to her future sons).

He is currently serving jail time at Campbell County Jail for a long time. He was also the one behind the 1998 Rape of Kiki Ewers.


Current Appearance