Early Years

As brought to birth, Alexis was born around 3:00 in the morning being birthed by the lovely family of Jamie Adams and Voodoo Adams. She has a wealthy life throughout her early years. Later she would meet her younger sister Meghan.

Teenager Years

As Lexi was growing up fast, she had met Baxter Ewers and a few friends along the way meeting her full blooded sister Amanda.

Adult Years

As around 12th Grade, both Baxter and Lexi has soon figured out that the two had shared blood by birth together as Lexi became a older sister to Baxter. As they graduated from high school, Lexi had a date named Luke Bryan

Current Years

However, tragidy happened when Lexi soon lost her husband to a car accident. This was her downfall as she had struggled and had a rough time. She was upset until Baxter has confronted her. Lexi would never take off the wedding ring Luke had gave her. She is currently pregnant expecting twins (for once it was triplets, but she had lost one).

Hospital Career

Lexi got a job as a Nurse and a Surgeon at the Rinichi Public Hospital as she works there helping patients and recovering those from deceases and injuries. Alot of her patients seem to hit on her alot, and Lexi responds saying "My love life is private" in a calm manner.