On October 15th, 1998, Ballard Ewers sadisticly kidnaps 3 year old Kiki and raped her 7 times in a row in one day. Prior to this event, Denise Turner tried to save her, but Ballard had a gun and he'll shoot her if she gets closer to Kiki.

In response to this, Denise quickly had to call the police on him and tried to fight back, as she tried to come back, Ballard shot her in the arm two times and Kiki was bruised, raped and tied up being very scared and terrified, she was also crying too.


In October of 1998, Ballard Ewers the Third tragically kidnaps 3 Year old Kiki and hides in a barn back in the old house they used to live in at first and tragically raped her seven times in a row. Denise tried to figure out where Kiki was and tried to looking for her everywhere.

However, upon coming to the Barn, She found Ballard raping her third child from 1993 all tied up, raped and scared. Ballard makes a threat if she'd call the cops or get any closer to him she'll shoot her. Denise now feeling threatened tries to save kiki, but is soon shot in the arm as she is in incredible pain on the right arm.  She screamed out for Kiki's name feeling very upset and sad of what her back-then husband did to her in her rough life.

As Denise escaped to go call the police on Ballard, Ballard sees this and tries to shoot her again and was shot in the arm again screaming more as she is crying in pain and was actually pregnant holding Baxter during that time.

Ballard was arrested that time and was released on bail by his family in 2001 In which, Baxter was already 2 years born.

In Real Life

During Chapter 7 where the Ewers Group investigate around Okami Forest, they encounter Kiki 19 years after the rape who was tied up and naked again as she is tramutized about her past and is scared to talk about it. After Sonikku attempts to Kill Baxter as he defeated her and being saved by Shado, Kiki runs to him and hugs him having memories about him while he was still in his mother's stomach.